PT. Sari Gandum Sukses Abadi

Company History

PT. Sari Gandum Sukses Abadi was established in 2002. It is a trading company engages in the trade of imported wheat flour and tapioca starch, with the headquarter in Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia.

For wheat flour, PT. Sari Gandum Sukses Abadi imports the goods from Turkey and Australia. In term of tapioca starch, PT. Sari Gandum Sukses Abadi obtains it from local industries in Pati City Central Java and its own factory in Lampung, Sumatra (PT. Hamparan Bumi Mas Abadi).

In 2007, PT. Sari Gandum Sukses Abadi opened a branch in the city of Semarang in Central Java, with a view to expanding markets in Central Java.
Visi & Misi

Becoming the largest Importer and Trading Company in Java

Providing continuous supply of high quality goods compounded with the best price and service.

Providing high quality goods
  Quality is assured, not expired

Best Price
  A competitive price

Best Service
  Timely and appropriate delivery of
  orders. The concordance of quantity,
  type of the delivered items with
  respect to customer's order is

  Consistent and routine
Corporate Values

Respectful to others

Consistacny between action and values, between principles and honesty, between the truth and an action's accuracy. It is a concept which refers to the consistency among action, values and principles

Fulfilling what has been promised

Possessing the ability to generate new ideas (which is different from the existing ones)

Sincerity, truthfulness
Headquarter Office
PT. Sari Gandum Sukses Abadi
Jl. Kedungsari 66F
Surabaya, Indonesia
Tel : 031 - 5482018
Fax : 031 - 5482052
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Branch Office
Kawasan Industri Candi
Blok 5 - 18
Semarang, Indonesia
Tel : 024 - 7627299
Fax : 024 - 7627299
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